How long does it take to re-brand your commercial property website?

author October 2017 · 

Airlink were one of the first commercial property businesses to benefit from upgrading their website to ZipBox when they came on board last year. Following a recent re-brand, Airlink got in touch to request a number of updates, most notably being the change of their name to ‘WorkSpace’. They also had an exciting new logo, Home Page image and colour scheme to implement.

With a traditional website, re-branding can be a challenge, particularly to complete it within 1 week (as was the requirement in this case). Luckily, ZipBox takes care of everything, making it a quick and easy process. We received the new logo and content on Monday 4th July and within a couple of days all changes had been completed, tested and launched in time for an event at the end of the week.

As with any ZipBox site, WorkSpace are able to add, edit and delete site content themselves through our easy to use content management system (CMS). This ensured tweaks to wording and extra changes and updates needed during and after the re-brand were quick and easy to make.

The re-brand

Of course, it is difficult to know if a colour scheme suits a website without seeing it on screen, so we set up a demo site to enable WorkSpace to check it out and confirm they were happy to go live, which they were!

“We are extremely excited to launch our new brand ‘WorkSpace Offices & Studios’. We are thrilled that our refreshed new look mirrors the exciting and engaging direction that we are taking as a company.”

“We want to say a massive thank you to the team who has made the re-brand of our website as hassle free as possible while ensuring our website remained highly performant.”

-Pauline Meniker of WorkSpace



The technical stuff

There were a few technical changes that also needed to be made, such as updating the URL to reflect the new company name. The risk when changing URL’s is that you lose the SEO built up during the life of the site, to avoid this we re-directed all of the old URL’s to the new site.

Whilst we were at it, we also added an SSL certificate to the domain to increase the site’s security and help with SEO as Google now use HTTPS encryption as a ranking signal in their search results.

Thinking of changing your website?

If you are thinking of updating your website or even building a new one, then why not let ZipBox take away the stress and hassle for you. As this case study shows, your new site could be up and running before you know it! Get started with ZipBox.